Founded in 1954, the non-profit American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is the nation’s largest and most established community of solar professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to enabling 100% renewable energy in the United States.

ASES’s purpose is to continue being a catalyst and a valuable resource in the emergence (and re-evolution) of America’s new energy economy, in a way that deeply values the role of all stakeholders in a collaborative and transparent co-creative process, so that all stakeholders enthusiastically participate in advancing the legacy of solar and renewable energy to enrich the quality of life, indefinitely.

Tennessee Solar Energy Association

Why should Tennessee residents care about solar energy? The energy source is free, and by helping to bring solar businesses to our state, the price and availability of accessing this resource will become more affordable to more people. In addition, Tennesseans will find more jobs, our environment will be cleaner, and our state's economy will be stronger.

Not from Tennessee, but interested in other United States solar associations? Please visit the ASES chapter list to find a solar home for you!



For Businesses:

Benefits to business members:

  • Participation in Workshops
  • Marketing Information
  • Solar Installation Inquiries
  • Featured in TSEA Solar Tour
  • Increased Web Presence on TSEA Website (Includes company logos, links to site, etc.)

We are currently rebuilding our business membership roster.

The Tennessee Solar Energy Association (TSEA) is seeking new membership throughout the state of Tennessee and we are currently offering free membership through the rest of the calendar year.  For business members, it will only be $100 for the first full year and $50 for each following year. 

For Individuals:

Individual memberships will be free! Sign up below.

If you are interested in joining us in supporting solar energy in Tennessee, please contact us and indicate your desired type of membership!