Which are the most profitable regions for solar in the United States?

Map of zip codes in the United States

This posting came from PVTECH article and refers to a new method of forecasting regions within the United States that are solar PV marketing targets. What makes this so important is the fineness of the territory examined. The market potential is examined at levels of specific regions as small as a zip code. It will be the new method for marketing solar and is a product called Max-ROI(TM) created by Keiser Analytics. Forget the old method of figuring cost of solar per watt. With the present disparity in regional economics for solar installations we need a new method to compare markets where solar is providing a return-on-investment (ROI) of 20% or will in the near future. ROI considers the cost of solar components, the cost of installing solar, and the compensations offered by either the state or by the power provider varying along with the cost of electricity in each micro-sector of the United States. This method is a valuable tool for installers and distributors which now are having to spend extraordinary amount of time researching where in their marketing area offers the best opportunity for future business. “Unfortunately, there are over 40,000 zip codes in the United States. To calculate ROI correctly, each zip code requires a current electricity price, irradiation value and incentive value. Each of these values in turn may be comprised of several data points and each of these may be changing on an irregular basis (incentives, electricity prices, etc.). As such, the number of data points necessary to calculate an accurate result at the local-level is several orders of magnitude greater than working with state-level data.” A quote from the PVTECH article which can be found here.