West Tennessee Solar Success

West Tennessee has seemed to lag behind East and Central Tennessee in the number of interconnected solar photovoltaic systems. While wind energy seems to be confined to the central and eastern areas of the state, the same is not true for solar collection energy. Despite the lack of interest by local media sources, there are dozens of Tennesseans who own private pv systems in the West Tn area as of recently. With the scenic view of our “solar farm” on I40, there is a “solar buzz” in the air….

A local resident of the Jackson area named Ernie Williams,  is responsible for the integration of several of the successfully interconnected pv systems under the TVA footprint here in West Tennessee. He is a shinning example of how Tennesseans can use good ole’ American Free Enterprise and Technology to create revenue for Tennessee, by Tennessee. Since Tennessee has proven solar manufacturing leadership, there should be no reason that Tennessee shouldn’t lead the nation in developing energy independence through implementation of the same green & renewable products we manufacture.

To take a look at some of the local installations, click on the word document media link below, as provided by Mr Williams.


Installed Systems Mar 2012 basic info