VW eyeing largest solar park in state

Staff Photo by John Rawlston/Chattanooga Times Free Press

Construction is to start soon on a solar park estimated to cost about $30 million that will supply a big chunk of power to Chattanooga’s Volkswagen plant.

The solar park, believed to be the state’s biggest at 9.5 megawatts, will go on a tract adjacent to the factory, said Patrik Mayer, executive vice president of finance and information technology for VW in Chattanooga.

“It will be one of the largest in the Southeast that’s privately run,” said Mayer.

When up and running late this year, the park will provide up to 12.5 percent of the 2 million-square-foot plant’s power, he said.

Two companies will build and run the plant — Phoenix Solar, a German business with U.S. headquarters in California, and Silicon Ranch Corp., which is based in Nashville, Mayer said.

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* 50 — Acres for the solar park

* 1,200 — Number of homes the solar park could power for a year

* 33,600 — Solar panels to be installed


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