TTCP’s Mobile Power Station To Be Unveiled!

Tennessee Technology Center at Pulaski’s Solar Photovoltaic program along with Industrial Welding and Advanced Manufacturing have recently joined together to design, develop and construct a mobile power station able to produce 2,400 watts of solar power with a 9,600 amp hour capacity battery bank.  This power station was the design of TTC’s Solar program the frame of which was built by the Industrial Welding class.  The ten Sharp solar panels and the eight SunExtender batteries, inverters and electronics were wired by TTC’s solar class.  The Advanced Manufacturing class installed a dual cylinder, 3000 pound capacity hydraulic system to lift one side of the station for better solar access. This 2.4 Kilo Watt system has the potential to power a small home or an average construction site. This system has a 25 year warranty to produce clean, quiet energy and will be in service long after the warranty is gone.  All components, products and hardware are proudly made in America – from the solar panels made in Memphis, TN to the inverters produced in Denver, CO.  This system can be placed in service anywhere you can drive a truck.

This mobile power station is to be unveiled on Monday, April 2nd at the Pulaski town square next to the electric vehicle charging stations from 11 am until 1 pm.

See our website for more information, pictures and videos and any future display dates and locations of this and all of our other projects and programs.


TTCP is an EOE/ADA/AA employer