TSEA Sponsor ARiES Demos The New CHyP System

This 200 kW system was powering a generator with clean, renewable energy. Source: ARiES Energy

ARiES Energy hosted a special event called Demo Day, to demonstrate the bioenergy technology developed by Proton Power that takes biomass such as switchgrass and municipal solid waste and converts it to electricity.  The system uses biomass to produce a hydrogen-rich syngas that can be combusted to produce electricity in a generator, or converted into diesel fuel through another processing step.  The CHyP system can use up to 70% of the trash that goes into landfills, and emits only 9kg of CO2 per Megawatt of electricity generated (compared to 1110kg for coal).  Over 50 people attended this event.

Although the CHyP system isn’t solar energy, it uses the idea of producing hydrogen from abundant sources of energy (in this case, trash!).  HyperSolar is developing a concept of a solar-powered hydrogen generator using water and solar electricity to produce hydrogen.

ARiES Energy also provides turn-key solutions for solar installations and geothermal, and prepares professional grant proposals to secure all possible funding.

For more information, visit their website http://www.ariesenergy.com/