Tesla Battery Offers Off-Grid Energy Stability

Tesla Battery Offers Off-Grid Energy Stability

Many fear global warming and its detrimental effects on the natural world and seek alternative energy sources. Those people attempting to reduce their impact and reverse climate change generally make the move to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. One increasingly common way in which people reduce their environmental impact is through the installation of a solar energy system. Solar power is freely available on the earths surface for those willing to harvest it. However, one problem with solar power is the variable energy generation. During peak solar times, more energy can be produced than is needed at the time. Due to the unavailability of solar power at night and during inclement weather, the harvested energy requires a storage system. Otherwise, at night or during storms, systems dependent solely on solar will have no power. The emergence and growth of the residential energy storage market resulted partly from this need.

Tesla Powerwall 2

Those wishing to disconnect from the grid entirely now have another option for energy storage. The Tesla Powerwall 2 battery allows energy storage of up to 14 kWh and energy usage of 5 kW of continuous power. The Powerwall also has 90% round-trip efficiency, and a ten year warranty. The battery’s durable design includes a resistance to water and a completely dust-proof container. Because of the dust-proof and water resistant design, outdoor installation of the battery becomes possible.

As part of a solar setup, the battery can store the power gathered during peak times for use at night or when the sun doesn’t shine. The Tesla Powerwall 2 can also serve as a backup power source during outages if it is connected to the grid. Larger homes generally consume more power and will require greater energy storage. This battery can manage these additional power needs through their ability to interconnect to form a network of up to nine Powerwalls.

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