Solarwatt AG completely restructured: insolvency procedures repealed

Sometimes faced with failure one can change the future

Why is this article about a German company posted on this website? The answer is simple; the best businesses when faced with financial difficulties reinvent themselves. That is what Solarwatt has done. They were bankrupt and went through a grueling experience coming out of bankruptcy by changing their product strategy: they were a module manufacturer and now “to a solar systems manufacturer. By the end of 2012 we will be launching new products in the system sector, allowing the company to maintain and expand its market position. Neuhaus, new CEO, explained, “All the signs are pointing to continued large increases in energy prices in the future. With our system solutions, consumers can supply themselves with energy independently and decentrally, making it possible for them to become more independent of energy providers and to save costs. A 25-year warranty ensures that the investment also pays off for our customers.”