Solar PV project in Historic Downtown Morristown

DeBord Family Partnership plans to install an 11.73 kW solar PV project on the rooftop of the 144 West Main Street building in Historic Downtown Morristown. The project will use aesthetic and innovative solar technology that can be installed within the design requirements of the local Historic Zoning Commission and will add to the historic building’s complete renovation.
Randy DeBord, owner of DeBord Family Partnership, stated, “This will be my second solar energy project in the historical Morristown district, proving solar can be cost effectively incorporated into a historical district. We are excited about this project because of the success of our first solar project. We are providing clean energy and lowering our utility bills while preserving the aesthetics of our beautiful downtown architecture.” In addition he stated, “We have partnered with ARiES Energy, a leading energy contractor, to deliver this turnkey, clean, and renewable energy solution.