Solar Panels For Sale For Duck River Customers

see news storyThanks to Gary Wolf of Sundog Solar for this new announcement. This is the first community solar project in Tennessee and maybe in the TVA region so precedent has been set and hope it grows.
BEDFORD COUNTY, Tenn.- For the first time Solar Farm panels are up for sale in Bedford County and any Duck River Electric customer can purchase one and whatever energy it brings in will be deducted from their bill.
Several local elementary students got an up close look at a new solar farm working in their own community. The panels are a $600 investment. The more the sun shines, the less that customer will pay on their electric bill.
“Using last month as an example 4,000 kilowatt hours were produced so if you invested in half a panel you would have seen somewhere around a 4.50 credit on your electric bill,” said Brad Gibson, with Duck River Electric Company.
The solar farm is the first of its kind in the TVA Valley. And while the savings won’t put a customer into early retirement, it can take 20 years to truly turn a profit, many said its more about being a part of a bigger push for solar in Shelbyville.
There are 261 panels up for sale and anyone in the 17 counties that use Duck River Electric can purchase one. Officials said if this pilot program is successful they will build more in the future.