Sign me up for Green Power Switch Pure Solar!

Green Power Switch Pure Solar is a great option for customers who support solar power but do not have the ability to install their own solar panels (including those who rent, have a shaded roof, etc.). By participating in this program, customers know they are displacing traditional energy generation with regionally generated solar power.

This is a pilot program and is currently available in only six regions of the TVA service area from the local utility companies listed below. If yours is not on the list and you would like to see this solar option grow and become a Valley-wide program, send us an email at Your feedback will be considered when we evaluate the pilot.

To sign up, please fill out the form below. Green Power Switch Pure Solar is sold in 50 kilowatt-hour blocks, and each block adds $8 to your monthly power bill. After you’ve filled in the form, just hit the Submit button, and we’ll notify your power distributor of your interest in participating.

Pure Solar Sign-up Form