S. David Freeman Here to Lead PV Strategic Roadmap Development on December 7th in Knoxville

The election will be over and the results will dictate the degree and type of support we can expect from the new administration. Regardless of the outcome, those of us who are passionate about solar energy have to come together and plan our future actions. There is no one better to lead this action plan than S. David Freeman and we are blessed to have him here in Knoxville on December 7th for a full days planning session.

The plan for location has not been set at this time but we will announce the location and program as it develops.

I ask everyone who wants to participate in this major event to watch our website and press releases for new information.

The cost of attending will be set based on our practice at TSEA to just cover the costs of the event. As TSEA has a policy to minimize any expense of events to break even financially. That way, we can keep the cost of attending to a bare minimum.

We will be contacting distributors, TVA, all environmental groups, business leaders, political leaders at the national, state and local levels with the assistance of our partner in this event, Tennessee Renewable Energy and Economic Development Council. Though the trust of our planning will be focused on Tennessee, all who are part of TVA system are encouraged to attend.

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