Reducing the Cost of Customer Acquisition through Online Web Portals

Bringing the cost of installed solar down to $1 per watt entails many challenges, many of which aren’t technical. EnergySage is building a solar PV price quote comparison platform. The founders come out of the financial services world, and think that customers should look at solar as an asset class, similar to stocks and bonds. “Our belief is clean energy will only become pervasive if it impacts the bottom line of the consumer and not just the environment,” said Vikram Aggarwal, CEO of EnergySage.

Solar Mosaic, received up to $2 million to lower the cost of solar financing and customer acquisition through a crowd-funding platform. Solar Mosaic’s platform currently allows people to invest in solar for community organizations. When there is enough funding, panels are put up and the community building pays Solar Mosaic a lower rate than they would pay a utility.

Clean Power Finance also received up to $1.5 million to reduce the cost of customer acquisition through its online platform and also to reduce the operations and maintenance and financing costs through its online marketplace. CFP essentially connects the capital market with the solar market, and has already financed more than $1 million dollars a day of residential power purchase agreements and leases.

TSEA is working on an article on the Hawkins Schools that rented their roofs for solar production. The company chosen installed 300,000 watts of solar panels on three schools with no cost to the school system. In fact, the school system will be collecting $14,000 per year for the roof rental. The program hinges on TVA Green Partners program. Without it, this could not have happened.

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