Recent Customer Experience Develops New Solar Service

The owners of one of the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Tennessee partnered with ARiES Energy to fix a warranty issue with one of the system’s inverters.  While fixing this problem, the experts at ARiES Energy saw a serious issue with the system’s wiring.  Due to improper wiring, the system was losing 4% of the system’s solar power production.  Our inspection caught this mistake, increasing the company’s revenue by thousands of dollars.

Based on our experience with this customer, ARiES Energy decided to provide a service to guarantee optimal performance for solar PV system owners.

We are proud to announce our new Solar Maintenance Program to ensure your solar system is working at maximum efficiency.  Under the Solar Maintenance Agreement, we will give your solar system a top-down inspection to determine how your system is performing.

We will identify and fix problems that are preventing optimal performance, and take care of warranty claims so you don’t miss a beat while you are taking care of your day-to-day responsibilities.

Monthly Service:

  • Review utility bills/solar system performance benchmarking

Annual Service:

  • Inspect solar panel connections
  • Test output and compare warranty
  • Inspect solar panel’s physical condition
  • Inspect inverter and protection devices
  • Full Performance Assessment 
  • Pressure wash and clean solar panels (200 kW and greater)

Service as Needed:

  • Prepare and submit any warranty claims
  • Repair or replace defective solar panels at a discounted rate

Check out our website at, and view our references at  Interested in learning more? E-mail or call 865-309-4NRG.