Middle Tennessee Chapter


Board Members:

Joseph Schiller – Clarksville

Garrett Gildea – Nashville

Gary Wolf – Nashville

Contact Info: middletnsea@gmail.com

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  1. Rick Richmond
    Rick Richmond / 2-15-2012 / ·

    I’m interested in solar power, very interested. There is a world of stuff on the web… some maybe good, some not so much. So, I want to contact some local folks who are knowledgable about solar power and to obtain very good, truthful and reliable materials – books, brochures, instruction videos – that will help me understand how I might get into solar… start small and build from there. Can you recommend such materials to me? Also, I’d love to actually visit with someone who has solar power in their home. If a picture is worth a thousand words… a visit is worth a thousand pictures.

    I am an appreciative Clarksville, TN Resident…
    Rick Richmond

    1. SLevy
      SLevy / 2-15-2012 / ·

      Contact Joe Schiller at Austin Peay who has installed solar on his home for sometime now. His email address is: SchillerJ@apsu.edu If you are interested in solar than join our organization. Membership is $25 per year. Members have access to information on training, jobs and grant programs.

      Stephen Levy

  2. David Kempf
    David Kempf / 4-11-2012 / ·

    I just built a 240 watt panel and installed a grid tie inverter and my meter is running backwards. I am looking at adding two more panels.

    1. scole
      scole / 8-25-2012 / ·

      Hi David. How did you learn how to build and install your solar panel and grid tie inverter? Thank you!

  3. Walter Jones
    Walter Jones / 4-14-2012 / ·

    I would like to setup a solar system but would need to have it pay for itself. Are there any grants for homeowners in middle Tn for this?

    1. SPartin
      SPartin / 4-16-2012 / ·

      Right now, I’m not aware of any grants available. The Clean TN Energy Grant Program ended for this year, but it will be available for the next 3 years. Currently you get a 30% federal tax credit, 1 year accelerated depreciation, and a $1000 payment from TVA. TVA will pay you $0.12 per kWh over the retail rate for 10 years.

  4. Sylvia
    Sylvia / 4-19-2012 / ·

    Is solar panels made available to purchase from this company?

    1. SLevy
      SLevy / 4-20-2012 / ·

      We do not sell panels but some of our sponsors do sell them. Contact Sundog Solar or Simple Energy Works for information on pricing.
      Steve Levy

  5. home windmills
    home windmills / 5-12-2012 / ·

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  6. John Houston
    John Houston / 8-14-2012 / ·

    I have a large property (100+acres) that was to be used and is zoned for farming. I am interested in creating a large solar panel array on a portion of the property. How can I go about locating resources/partners/etc that would offer a low cost of entry? Many thanks. John

    1. SLevy
      SLevy / 8-15-2012 / ·

      There are several solar installers in Middle Tennessee who would be more than willing to talk with you.

  7. William Cawthon
    William Cawthon / 12-4-2012 / ·

    I’ve been reading about PV panels, and I would like to know how well does PV panels work in middle TN for supplying electricity for the home year round?

    1. SLevy
      SLevy / 12-5-2012 / ·

      Go to our site and choose the resources tab located at the top of the site. The first reference is PVwatts. Go to that site and on the map of the USA click on Tennessee; then click on Nashville. That will tell you how much power PV panels will deliver. Your best panels will deliver 18 to 20% conversion efficiency; your system will convert 87% to ac power. Any further questions, just let us know.

  8. Marybeth Dickson
    Marybeth Dickson / 5-1-2014 / ·

    I just returned from Canada. While there I met many people who had solar panels on there properties. Some farms covered with them . Some areas roof tops covered with them .Several friends owning properties get an income selling back to the electrical companies. This was in Southern Ontario. I am interested in if this is available in Middle Tn.? I currently own several properties suitable for these. Panel. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  9. Thomas Isaac
    Thomas Isaac / 4-24-2015 / ·

    Can you refer me to solar thermal installers in the Nashville area?

  10. Habacuc
    Habacuc / 11-10-2015 / ·

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