Last Chance to Register for Photovoltaic Systems Training with Gexpro and Jim Dunlop Solar

Gexpro and Jim Dunlop Solar are pleased to announce another photovoltaic systems training program, scheduled for June 27 – 29, 2012 at the Gexpro branch in Nashville, TN.

Course information and registration details are available online at:

Come join us for one of the most informative courses on PV systems available, delivered by Jim Dunlop, a leading industry expert and author of the popular textbook Photovoltaic Systems. Learn about new developments in the PV industry and installation requirements based on the 2011 National Electrical Code, and explore your opportunities in this emerging field. All registrants receive a copy of the Photovoltaic Systems textbook and Photovoltaic Systems Study Guide.

Gexpro (formerly known as GE Supply) was founded by the General Electric Company in 1904, and now a subsidiary of Rexel, the largest electrical distributor in the world. Gexpro is a leading distributor of photovoltaic systems equipment and Gexpro’s Energy Solutions team assists numerous contractors and developers in successfully executing PV projects. For further information about Gexpro products and services, please visit:

Additional classes are being planned for other Gexpro locations across the U.S. For further information or requests for training services, please contact

Photovoltaic Systems Textbook and Training Resource Guide

Jim Dunlop Solar offers discounted pricing on the Photovoltaic Systems textbook for schools and training organizations. Jim personally responds to phone calls and emails from customers concerning the text content, course development and delivery — a value-added service available only from the author that no others provide.

Jim Dunlop Solar also offers the Photovoltaic Systems Training Resource Guide (TRG) for instructors and course developers. This resource package contains 1000 fully-editable PowerPoint slides, most with instructor notes and commentary referencing page numbers in the Photovoltaic Systems text, websites and other resources. It also includes updates for the 2011 NEC and contains over 200 images not found in the Photovoltaic Systems text. This is an indispensible resource, especially for instructors new to teaching about PV systems. A student version of the TRG is available in Adobe PDF format.

Please contact us for a quote on textbooks or the resource guide at: