Joint Letter Opposing Extending the Production Tax Credits and 1603 Treasury Grant Program

The following letter summarizes the position of those who oppose subsidizing renewable energy that all of us involved in promoting solar PV should read and review the arguments against support for renewables.  Unless we can counter these arguments we will not be prepared to influence our legislators as to the future of such legislation today or in the future.  Steve Levy TSEA

This letter to Congress was sent by American Energy Alliance, Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, Freedom Action, The National Center for Public Policy Research, and Sixty Plus Association. It is reproduced here for its educational value in the general debate over special government favor to politically correct energies.
Dear Senator:
We strongly oppose extending the production tax credit and reviving the 1603 Treasury grant program. The U.S. is risking the energy equivalent of the housing meltdown through a continuation of these policies. Electricity prices are already increasing and these programs will only fuel the increase. Other nations’ economies are already reeling from the much higher electricity prices such sources mean for industry and families.