Interest in solar energy rising in Dickson, TN

Solar Plexus owner Jim Lindsey and Sundog Solar owner Gary Wolf, who brought solar power to DMA. / Submitted

It’s an election year, and talking heads on both sides of the political aisle have championed job creation, and promoted small business growth to stimulate a lagging economy.

Robert Cooper has compiled 40 years of experience in design and construction, including 11 years building theatrical sets at The Renaissance Center in Dickson. He was laid-off a year and a half ago from his position at the fine arts facility.

Cooper has since turned to the solar energy industry as a source of income and employment, applying his talents with design, drawing and construction to use installing solar panels with Nashville-based Sundog Solar.

Cooper and DMA are among a growing list of individuals and businesses increasingly turning to the solar energy industry as a source of employment in a job market that’s recently seen double-digit unemployment rates, and as a hedge against future energy inflation costs.

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