FREE Open Source Solar Education

Came across this website and it advertises free solar education. For those who are interested in solar energy and cannot afford the time or expense of traveling to the nearest NABCEP course may find this free educational training useful. I have not seen this website before and cannot comment on it, but it is at least worth exploring.

Go to: and then
there you will find this statement:

SolPowerPeople, Inc. is a global PV industry market development and international solar training organization dedicated to providing the highest quality hands-on solar training at a competitive price to the far corners of the United States, and FREE online training worldwide. SolPowerPeople will spend the 2012 year traveling the USA, training more than 1,000 people with the dynamic 40-hour, hands-on introductory and advanced solar PV workshops, SPV2000/SPV3000 Accelerated PV Design & Installation Workshop, and a series of short Solar Seminars, all the while delivering FREE education with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) through the #SolarMOOC Academy.

Click on #Solar MOOC Academy and that will take you to the free academy.

“SolPowerPeople offers FREE Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), that are designed for anyone and everyone interested in the Solar PV Industry, especially for those who seek NABCEP, Rise, or UL Certification. This is a very collaborative effort amongst leading professionals in the solar industry, and all the active participants from around the world. The #SolarMOOC’s structure, daily Newsletters, live lectures, and guidance is delivered by SolPowerPeople as way to help empower the masses with solar knowledge in a fun, interactive, collaborative, free way.”

What have you to loose?