Falling prices for PV technology

By Paula Mints, Navigant Consulting
September 6, 2012

Average Prices to the first point of sale and for Inventory

Falling prices for PV technology – new average price for inventory, $0.65/Wp, off brand b- and c-grade modules, falling margins, failing PV companies, fraud, poorly installed systems and even counterfeit module product that carries a name brand and is really an off brand – good grief, what’s an industry to do?
As manufacturer failures pile up like a massive traffic accident it should be impossible to deny that prices are too low, yet, sadly, many continue to claim that the low prices are progress. In the U.S. the decision to apply tariffs (retroactively) to PV technology from China has divided the industry. The common goal of deploying solar has been largely put aside in favor of industry infighting. Rhetorical question … can a small, emerging industry afford to expend its energy in this manner? Meanwhile, acceptance of lower quality products at low prices has become commonplace and this will likely cost us dearly.

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