Do-It-Yourself Solar Installation Workshop Sign Up Today: Limited Seating

Do-It-Yourself Workshop. Ours will be comfortably indoors

The Tennessee Solar Energy Association (TSEA) in collaboration with the Tennessee Renewable Energy and Economic Development Council(TREEDC) are holding a workshop for those interested in installing solar for their homes, businesses and farms. The workshop will be held at the U.T. Conference Center in downtown Knoxville. The date for the workshop is the evening of October 18th beginning at 6 pm and ending at 9:30. Free parking at the Locust Street garage across the street from the U.T. Conference Center. Details are available here and sign up is found under the Events heading. Sign up now as the size of the workshop will be limited to forty persons. Sign up now to secure a seat at this educational workshop where experts will give you all the information needed by parties that are interested in solar for their home or business and are looking to reduce the cost by doing some or all of the work themselves. You will receive a manual containing articles on each aspect of solar purchasing of equipment and how the equipment is assembled to produce electricity from sunlight. The manual will contain examples of home solar projects as published in Home Power magazine who has given us permission to make copies of the most relevant material for you. After all, there is one source of power you can rely on and that is the sun. It has been doing its job some millions of years so reliability is a non-issue.

You will pay for the workshop using PayPal or your credit card. The cost for the dinner buffet, the manual and the instruction is $30 for everyone except for TSEA and TREEDC members who will have a $5 discount. The cost is kept as low as possible so sign up today and get a confirmation by email.