Do-It-Yourself Solar Installation Workshop A Success

Gary Wolfe talking about what is involved installing solar systems

This was the first workshop presented by TSEA in collaboration with TREEDC. The workshop was held in Knoxville on the evening of October 18th at the U.T. Conference Center to allow those employed as well as families to attend. The evening started with a dinner buffet followed by experts in the local area presenting information on solar installations, solar kits and some of the code issues that DIY attendees will face.

The audience response to the workshop was overwhelmingly positive

The workshop started at 6 pm and ended at 9:15 pm with a question and answer session lead by the solar expert presenters. In addition to the lectures, the attendees received a manual containing articles from Home Power magazine. Thanks to Home Power magazine which has done an excellent job of describing issues with installing renewable resources such as solar, wind, microhydro and biomass. The plan was for forty attendees and we ended up with 55 attendees. Requests for additional DIY workshops from those who could not make the workshop or who had not heard about the workshop in time to register will be addressed by holding this workshop at other parts of the state. State tuned for more information as it develops.