Stephen (Steve) Levy, Technical Director
Steve spent 35 years in electric power generation, energy storage, transformation and switching.  He is experienced in solar energy, high efficiency gas discharge lamps, pulse power, capacitive energy storage, thermophotovoltaics, and thermionic converters.  He also spent thirty years in army research and was a major player in Regan’s “Star Wars.” He was the Army project engineer responsible for the design, construction and for promoting the construction of the Army Pulse Power Center, a $25 million dollar advanced 30 megawatt (average) testing laboratory for developing directed energy weaponry for Star Wars winning Congressional approval and having Boeing Engineering build the unique facility.  It became operational in 1985.  He and his staff devised an all electric tank that was brought to the attention of the Army R&D Staff who adopted many of the suggested changes to the modern day tank and other armored vehicles.  Mr. Levy was also assigned the responsibility for semiconductor switches managing a $15 million effort creating the term “megawatt electronics” incorporating the efforts of seven government agencies including the Electronic Power Research Institute (EPRI).  Steve was hired by EPRI to be the Director of the EPRI Power Electronics Applications Center in Knoxville, appointed by the Ballistics Missile Command to their technical advisory board, and appointed an adjunct professor for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Textiles Center (TANDEC).  He is now co-teaching solar energy at UTK in the Materials Science Department at the graduate level and presently serving as Technical Director of the Tennessee Solar Energy Association.  Has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S. in Engineering Science.  He has 13 patents and 50+ professional publications.

Darwin Carey, Senior Intern
Darwin is an Environmental Studies student from the University of Tennesee, Knoxville. He promotes solar energy by being active in the community and assisting with countless environmental projects and several organizations.

Benjamin Maddox Research Intern
Ben, a Junior at the University of Tennessee. He is finishing his degree in Environmental Studies.

Matthew Cantley Outreach Intern

Matt McQueen Board of Directors Intern

Mason W. Matlock Intern in Training

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  1. John Matthew Mixon
    John Matthew Mixon / 1-3-2012 / ·

    Hello, my name is Matthew Mixon and I will be graduating from Appalachian State University in May of 2012 with a degree in Sustainable Development: Community, Regional, and Global Development with a minor in Appropriate Technology.  I am very interested in what your company is all about and I am looking to get started with my career in the renewable energy field.  If this company is interested in hiring in any positions starting in May or June, I would be glad to send my resume and anything else necessary.  My e-mail address is  Again I am very interested in getting started in this field and look forward to hearing back from you.  Thanks and have a great week.

    Matthew Mixon

  2. David Troutman
    David Troutman / 3-5-2013 / ·

    Can your organization help to circulate a petition to your members related to the plans to begin hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in teh Cumberland Forrest.

  3. Yoandri Leon
    Yoandri Leon / 12-16-2014 / ·

    My name is Yoandri León Silva, I live in Nashville, Tn. I am from Cuba. I am Engineer in Telecommunications and Electronics, I have seven years of experience working in the photovoltaic industry in Cuba, mainly in the manufacture of photovoltaic modules from 2 Wp to 250 Wp , with solar cells
    monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon. I have also experience in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems On-Grid and Off-Grid. I would like to continue my career in this country, for this reason I write to you for
    any occasion whether your organization or any associated company is hiring staff with experience in PV Modules and systems, I would be totally at your disposal.
    Greetings, Yoandri.

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