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With all the current challenges and changes that have been happening in our country recently… we need to be active more than ever to make sure solar energy takes off in the near future.  By joining our organization, you are showing your support for this dynamic industry, and we promise to keep you informed.  We are ready to take off running, and we have a lot of plans in store.

Some items on our agenda include continuing to build our membership base, attending and organizing events to promote solar energy, building chapters of TSEA throughout the state, collaborating with other solar organizations in the area, and working with people on all levels of society to make solar energy an affordable and accessible option in the state of Tennessee.

The fee of your membership is helping us do what we need to – bring more solar energy to Tennessee. In return, you will receive our newsletters, and information on jobs, training, and grant opportunities.  Your membership dues and donations are fully tax-deductible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at our office in Knoxville:

(865) 974-9218 or

Member annual dues:

Student $10
Individual $25
Nonprofit/Entrepreneur $50
Small Business $100
Corporate Membership(under 50 employees) $1,000
Major Manufacturer $10,000

Any additional donation is greatly appreciated!




  1. TSEA says:

    We do have a monthly newsletter that is circulated to our membership. Twenty five dollars gets you a year’s worth of newsletters and special editions. We try to feature new technology and items relating to solar in Tennessee as well as elsewhere

  2. TSEA says:

    Great! I hope you do.

  3. Trevor says:


    I wanted to let everyone know what a valuable resource the TN Solar Energy Association has been to me personally and to Green Earth Solar. They work tirelessly to support the solar industry and have benefited both myself and our company tremendously. Thanks for your hard work and all your efforts. They are greatly appreciated. Anybody in the TN Solar Industry that is not already a member should seriously consider joining the Tennessee Solar Energy Association.


    Trevor Casey

    Green Earth Solar, Director of Sales
    9111 Cross Park Drive, Suite E120
    Knoxville, TN 37923
    865-769-7337 office
    865-381-0587 fax

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