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The Tennessee Solar Energy Association is a  charter member of the
American Solar Energy Society (ASES).  We are a registered 501c(3) organization, so donations to us are tax deductible for you.

We are dedicated to educating Tennesseans about the many unique benefits of using solar energy.  We invite all solar energy professionals, educators, policy makers, business people, and environmentally conscious citizens to join us in teaching others to view our sun’s energy output as the extremely valuable resource it is.

We believe that widespread adoption of solar technology in the state of Tennessee will help create energy independence, lessen harmful environmental impacts, and result in cost savings for consumers.  Help us achieve our mission by joining, donating, and sharing our mission with others.


“I like to see a group of people that try to make a difference and TSEA does just that- on a local, county, state, and national level. They work with other organizations to promote solar energy and help find funding so that other people can see the light.”
-Justin Tomes, University of Tennessee

“TSEA has been a great resource for technical advice, making connections in the industry, and keeping solar integrators updated on state and utility info.”
-Evelyn Winther MBA, FLS Energy- Business Development

“Thanks for your dedicated efforts and hard work to help our industry grow.”
-James Stephens, Solarwise- Partner

“I wanted to let everyone know what a valuable resource the TN Solar Energy Association has been to me personally and to Green Earth Solar. They work tirelessly to support the solar industry and have benefited both myself and our company tremendously. Thanks for your hard work and all your efforts. They are greatly appreciated. Anybody in the TN Solar Industry that is not already a member should seriously consider joining the Tennessee Solar Energy Association.”
-Trevor Casey, Green Earth Solar, Director of Sales

Contact Us

311 UT Conference Center
Suite B3
600 Henley Street
Knoxville, TN 37996

Phone: 865-974-9218
Fax: 865-974-1838




  1. I need some information on companies who provide installation of solar panels.


    • SLevy says:

      Go to our website, then select tab “Resources” go down the list to List of Tennessee NABCEP Certified Installers. These are the folks that the Tennessee Solar Institute list as solar installers. The other selection to use is the NABCEP. This is a new industry but I am sure that one of these will be able to answer all your questions regarding solar installation.

      Steve Levy

  2. Tom Leach says:

    With many stories about extended grid power outages due to weather related events, has any thought been given about making use of solar installations being used as a temporary electric source rather than gas powered generators? Could modifications be designed for point of connection changes to allow for this? Tom Leach

  3. collin says:

    Do I understand correctly that if we, a residential consumer, requests net metering, the utility is required by law (Federal?) to allow it. IF so,
    how difficult will it be to do so with CEMC? Any ideas?

    • Benjamin Maddox says:

      TVA has an exception from net metering and instead has another system of metering called smart metering which requires both a meter for the usage and output.

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