Alstom goes solar, unveils $480,000 solar installation

Robert Hicks, project manager at Alstom, speaks Tuesday about the newly installed solar panel array in the parking lot at Alstom in Chattanooga. The solar…

Soldiers get solar training before heading to war

For the first time, U.S. Army soldiers are receiving specialized training on how to use generators with solar-power capability before heading to Afghanistan. The Army…

U.S. Commerce Imposes Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels

In a highly anticipated announcement, the Department of Commerce has imposed tariffs in a case that has underscored deep divisions within the American solar industry….

PV Tech Newscast March 23, 2012

East Tenn. PBS solar panel system now up and running

East Tennessee PBS is taking a big sustainable step as the station’s new solar energy system is now up and running. 162 rooftop solar panels…