PV Tech Newscast Feb. 17

Interest in solar energy rising in Dickson, TN

It’s an election year, and talking heads on both sides of the political aisle have championed job creation, and promoted small business growth to stimulate…

Silicon Ranch, Phoenix Solar Installing 200 kW PV Array

Phoenix Solar Inc. and Silicon Ranch Corp. plan to build a 200 kW PV solar system on the roof of the Second Harvest Food Bank…

UT Biosolar Breakthrough Promises Cheap, Easy Green Electricity

Barry D. Bruce, professor of biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is turning the term “power plant” on its head….

President’s 2013 Budget Revives 1603 Solar Tax Credit, Eliminates $4B in Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Here are some of the highlights of the energy portion of the budget: The budget provides for an extension of the Section 1603 Treasury Program, a…