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Chattanooga airport wants to double it’s PV system

Chattanooga airport already has one of the larger PV arrays in the state of Tennessee and it now is trying to double the size of it’s PV array from 1.1 MW to 2.1 MW.

The airport is very happy with it’s array and looking to expand.  They are currently trying to get a Federal grant for the expansion.

Tariffs on China Solar Gear Threatens 60,000 Jobs, Report Says

The 100 percent tariffs would result in losses from $698 million to $2.6 billion in losses to consumers, according to the report. Tariffs of 50 percent would cut as many as 43,000 jobs.

Commerce is scheduled to make a preliminary finding March 2. The U.S. International Trade Commission said on Dec. 2 the Chinese subsidies have harmed equipment makers, ruling on the petition by Bonn-based SolarWorld seeking antidumping and countervailing duties. To read more from this article please click here

State of the Union focus on energy good for Tennessee

President Barack Obama’s tax proposals and other economic issues outlined in the State of the Union address he delivered Tuesday have received the bulk of the public’s attention, but he also hit on one policy area particularly important to Tennessee. To read more about how a changing energy policy is good for the state of Tennessee please click here

Registration is Open for 2012 TN Valley Solar Solutions Conference

The 2012 Tennessee Valley Solar Solutions Conference will convene April 10-11, 2012, at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in Memphis, Tenn.

Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The program is loaded with great topics and features world class speakers Julia Hamm, President and CEO, Solar Power Electric Association and Rhone Resch, President and CEO, Solar Energy Industries Association. There is no registration charge for the conference.

Register here for the conference. Registration will close on March 23, or when conference capacity of 500 participants is reached.

To visit the conference’s website, click here.

Tennessee’s 2012 REAP Grant Allocation Slashed

We have received notification of our allocation in Tennessee for the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) for Fiscal Year 2012:

Grants of $20,000 or less: $136,000 (28% of last year’s level)

Grants over $20,000: $141,000 (18% of last year’s level)

Guaranteed Loan: $1,324,933.18 (83.22% of last year’s level)

Currently, we have 25 applications requesting $2.5 Million in grant vs. $277,000 in grant for allocation. The National Office will hold back $2.8 Million in reserve for competition between the States.

This is a huge reduction over previous funding levels, we will make all efforts to fund as many projects as we can given the circumstances.

Local TN Chapters

We are excited to announce that our new board of directors are setting up chapters of TSEA in their local regions!

We will have 3 local chapters: East TN, Middle TN, and West TN.

New pages on our website will show local news and events happening in your area.

Citizen’s Voice: Solar energy fuels new jobs in Tennessee

Data from the recently released Tennessee Solar Value Chain: A Workforce Development Needs Assessment from the Tennessee Solar Institute, reveals a rapidly growing industry and a genuine economic development opportunity. To read more about how solar can save thousands of TN’s jobs please follow this link: Solar Jobs in TN

New Solar Shingle Mount Requires No Trimming

As the most durable and reliable mount for installing photovoltaic (PV) panels on composition shingle roofs, the TTi Flat Jack now requires no shingle trimming or sealants, reduces labor costs and protects roofs. To find out more about this shingle mounted solar roof please follow this link: Solar Shingles

Political Battle Between Economy And Environment “Nonsense”

Mark Vachon, vice president of GE’s successful Ecomagination program is calling the political battle between economy and environment “nonsense.” “There’s this theory that you have to pick one: economics or environmental performance. That’s nonsense. Innovation is the way you can have both,” said Vachon. GE started the Ecomagination program in 2005 and has since invested more than $5 billion renewable energy, efficiency and smart grid technologies. The company saw such a powerful business case for clean technologies, it plans to double investments in the sector to $10 billion by 2015. According to Vachon, the $85 billion in revenue from cleantech has doubled the performance of the rest of the company’s portfolio.

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Simple Long-Term Feed-In Tariff Makes Financing Projects Less Expensive

Why? The average price of an installed solar system in Germany came to $2.80 in the third quarter of 2011. In the U.S., it was about $5.20 in the third quarter. Germany Installed 3 GW of Solar PV in December — The U.S. Installed 1.7 GW in All of 2011. Germans have a much more mature solar market. The country’s simple, long-term feed-in tariff makes financing projects less expensive, and has created a sophisticated supply chain that allows companies to source product, generate leads and get systems on rooftops efficiently.

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