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Tennessee Loses Out on Suniva Solar Plant

Suniva Inc. has a “planned start-up date” of 2013 for a $250 million solar cell manufacturing facility in Thomas Township, Michigan, according to a state document.

In a Michigan Economic Development Corp. memo, the state projected the facility will hire up to 500 workers who earn an average wage of $923 a week. The high-efficiency solar panel making facility could mean 3,329 jobs throughout the state by 2020, and bring $88.6 million in state revenue by the same time, according to the MEDC analysis.

Suniva had considered locations in Georgia, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Oregon.

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Solar Energy Becomes GE Industrial Policy

Memphis TN

There are distinct phases in the development of a new technology.

The first phase is the era of the start-ups. The second is the era of big
capital. America is now into that second phase.

Spurred by fears that we’re losing “the green energy race” big players like Warren Buffett and General Electric (GE) are replacing older,
entrepreneurial companies as leaders of America’s solar industry.  The fear is that even American production of solar panels may be dominated by
foreign companies like Sharp, which is adding workers at its Memphis solar panel
factory. The companies are willing to take a short-term hit on earnings in order to make sure America has a shot at the “next big thing.”

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U.S. grant pays for solar farm at Chattanooga’s Lovell Field airport

Take off over the solar installation at Chattanooga airport

The biggest solar energy farm at an airport in Tennessee will go on line later this month, Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport officials said Monday.

The facility will sell to EPB and the Tennessee Valley Authority about $100,000 worth of electricity annually, said Terry Hart, the airport’s interim chief executive.

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UT-based partnership awarded Solar Challenge grant

A University of Tennessee-led partnership that includes TVA, KUB and the city of Knoxville is one of 22 teams nationwide awarded Rooftop Solar Challenge Grants by the U.S. Department of Energy and will receive $622,960.

DOE last week announced the winners of the competitive grants designed to promote solar power by simplifying zoning, permitting and other processes involved in solar installations.

The group will use the money to work with local officials in streamlining the permitting, planning, zoning and connection processes for solar installations across Tennessee.

The group also plans to develop a smartphone application that will simplify the application process for residents and companies interested in installing solar technology.

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TVA to buy power from Franklin

FRANKLIN –  Franklin’s first solar panel array should be installed by spring 2012 after Mayor Ken Moore and city aldermen unanimously approved a contract for the project Tuesday night.

It’s a public-private deal that’s only the second such arrangement between a Tennessee city and a private company that will mean leasing public land for solar panel installation.

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