200 Kilowatt Solar Power System under the TVA Green Power Switch Partners Program in Calhoun GA

Renewvia Energy Corporation, a provider of solar power systems, announced today it closed an investment fund to finance the installation of a 200 Kilowatt (kW) solar power system in Georgia under the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Green Power Switch Partners Program, a plan which promotes production of electricity from renewable sources.
Under a 10 year site lease, the solar power system will be hosted in Calhoun, Ga. on a multi-generational poultry farm. After 10 years, ownership will be conveyed to the poultry operation. The TVA, a federally owned corporation in the United States that provides electricity generation, among other things, in the Tennessee Valley, will guarantee the purchase of all solar power produced there for 10 years at $0.12 per kilowatt per hour at premium indexed to the local retail power rate.


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